A Fabulous Sea Glassing Find ~ An Old Green Bottle Neck Raises More Questions Than Answers!!

I was lucky to go sea glassing a few days ago. The day was quite overcast, but at least warm.  Spring is coming!

I found a lot of interesting pieces, and in particular one beautiful bottle neck. This amazing piece is obviously old. It has two metals strips embedded in the neck. I am trying to find out it’s origin and age.  I’ve done dozens of searches online and lots of reading and still no luck!

If by chance anyone knows about this type of bottle please contact me on my FB page – http://www.facebook.com/seaglassvisions.  Thanks!!

bottle neck onebottle neck fourbottle neck three bottle neck two

Fabulous Find While Sea Glassing – A Piece of “Art Glass”

If you are reading this post you’re a sea glass lover. So it’s only natural that you’d understand my excitement when I found this beautiful piece of art glass on a recent sea glassing adventure.

It wasn’t waiting for me like some pieces are, just lying on the sand on the beach or on the rocks waiting to be picked up, I was doing a little bit of digging when I found this.


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An “Eye” for Sea Glass

I was introduced to sea glass by someone who had been introduced to it by someone where she worked. This person was then VERY lucky when she met a sea glasser who showed her a good sea glassing spot, which she then shared with me. I guess the real beauty of sea glassing is when we share it with others.

I have had an opportunity to introduce several people to sea glassing now. Not only has it been a lot of fun, I have learned something interesting too.

How many pieces of sea glass do you see in this picture?

aqua on the beach one

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The Joy of Sea Glassing – River Glass & Pottery Finds

I love sea glassing. If you read this blog, you already know that. I find it a wonderful way to spend a few hours on a beautiful day, and on a not so beautiful day.  Last week I had an opportunity to go sea glassing to a new spot and then to one of my favorite spots. The day was sunny and not humid (a rare day in Baltimore in late July indeed).

The water was clear and shallow in both areas which made the searching even that much more fun. I had on shorts and my boating sneakers that dry quickly, so wading in deeper water wasn’t a problem. Actually I love to wade in the river, it reminds me of my childhood spent playing in the Gunpowder River.

I was able to find some really neat items in both spots.

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Treasure Found While Searching for Sea Glass – Frozen Charlotte

This is the most favorite bit of history I’ve learned about one of my wonderful finds. I found this treasure while sea glassing over a year ago.

When I started doing research I found out that these dolls are known as “Frozen Charlotte” dolls and are forever associated with a very serious warning for young women of the era.

This is my find, a small torso just 1 1/4″ long.

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Sea Glassing Wherever You Are – Harpers Ferry Historic Beach Glass Finds!

I was very lucky on this day to find about a half dozen pieces of glass, two pieces were embossed and I have been able to identify both of them. The first piece of glass clearly shows “S FERR” obviously Harpers Ferry.  From what I have found out,  this is from a bottle that was produced during the time Charles Smith was the owner of the bottling operation he named the Harpers Ferry Bottling Works, between 1916 – 1942.  The second piece clearly shows “COLA” in a very old script and also has a design on it. I was able to identify this as coming from a 1920′s Pepsi Cola Peanut Pinch Shaped Double Dot Bottle.

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