What is Your Sea Glass Hiding?

Since I have been collecting sea glass my favorite pieces are those that have embossing on them that help me to identify what their origin is. I have lots of them. On some the embossing is still very clear, on some not so much.

That was how it was with one of the last pieces I found, the embossing was very worn down. I could make out the word “bottle” but just couldn’t make out the line above
it. I tried looking at it under different lights, I tried wetting the piece and leaving it dry. Still no good.

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Cataloging Sea Glass & Sea Pottery Finds

When I first started collecting sea glass and sea pottery I didn’t do any type of sorting. Once I had cleaned it I threw all the glass into a zip lock bag. I didn’t even sort out by color. It didn’t matter to me. I was brand new to sea glassing and so totally enamored with it the only thing that mattered was picking up as much sea glass as I could (that’s a story for another blog). It wasn’t until I started to get serious about creating sea glass jewelry that I knew I had to take the time to sort my finds.

This is a beautiful pendant made from a piece of a Flow-Blue Pottery plate.

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