Creating Sea Glass Jewelry and New Year Resolutions

I’ve been creating sea glass jewelry and art for almost six years now and naturally have collected lots and lots of beads along the way.  I’ve purchased beads at bead shows, at Michael’s and A.C. Moore, at bead shops in Colorado, New Hampshire, Vermont and Maryland, purchased online from a variety of sources and have purchased finished jewelry items to re-purpose the beads. I now have twenty full bead boxes full of fun and colorful beads.  I decided that one of my New Year resolutions should be using beads I haven’t used in a long time.

Since the New Year I have been focusing on creating sea glass jewelry sets, so I decided to combined the two and create new sea glass pendant and earring sets along with beads I haven’t used in a long time. I’m thrilled with the results!

Sea Glass Jewelry Set

The beads I used were from a finished piece of jewelry.  The fabulous cornflower blue sea glass is from California.  The green set earrings are created with sea glass from California and the pendant is sea glass from the Bahamas that was found by a friend.

Blue Sea Glass – The Ultimate Find

Ahh, blue sea glass. Called the Sapphire of the sea. An elusive sea glass color, the color everyone wants to find, but few do. One thing I learned when I started working with sea glass is that a lot of the value of sea glass is based on rarity of color as well as how perfectly frosted and smoothed it is. Blue, especially dark cobalt blue, is one of the most coveted blue sea glass colors. It is said that 1 out of 300 pieces found will be cobalt blue sea glass.

This is an amazing piece of cobalt blue sea glass that was waiting for me on the beach. Beautifully smoothed.  How lucky!

blue o

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