Fort Bragg California Sea Glass

These are some of my sea glass finds from Fort Bragg California from a trip early this month. I’ve been very luck to visit there four times. Each trip I do see a difference in the glass. The pieces of sea glass on the beach are quite small, due to both people glassing over the years and the action of Mother Nature bringing the glass up and down with the tides since the early 1900′s when it was a landfill. These beaches provide fabulous pastel colors that are amazingly smoothed and frosted that are not found on any other beaches.

Finds day one smallerPastel sea glass finds from Fort Bragg, Ca.

I Am Still Here Loving Sea Glass!

If you’re visiting this page you’ll see that it’s been quite some time (years) since I’ve posted anything new.  I am still VERY interested and VERY involved with my sea glass!  I keep an active Facebook page, Instagram account, Twitter account, Pinterest page and Etsy shop! I hope that you’ll continue to follow me via the links below:

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Where to Find Sea Glass?

“Where do you find sea glass?” is a question people often ask me.

If you’re lucky like I was, someone will show you a spot.  If I hadn’t been shown a sea glassing spot by someone who had been shown that spot by someone else, I might not be writing this post today.

I’ve learned that a beach that blessed you with a handful of sea glass on your first visit may not be as giving on your second visit. This can happen anywhere. Don’t ever give up on a spot. All it takes is a quick walk and you will know whether or not it’s worth staying or if it’s time to head to another spot. Perhaps another sea glasser beat you to it on that day.  Check back in a few days. Continue reading