Fort Bragg California Sea Glass

These are some of my sea glass finds from Fort Bragg California from a trip early this month. I’ve been very luck to visit there four times. Each trip I do see a difference in the glass. The pieces of sea glass on the beach are quite small, due to both people glassing over the years and the action of Mother Nature bringing the glass up and down with the tides since the early 1900′s when it was a landfill. These beaches provide fabulous pastel colors that are amazingly smoothed and frosted that are not found on any other beaches.

Finds day one smallerPastel sea glass finds from Fort Bragg, Ca.

Sea Glass Beaches – Where to Find Treasures

Every sea glass collector dreams of the perfect sea glass beaches. For me, this would be a beach that is covered with beautiful large and colorful pieces of English multis sea glass, smooth and cool under my feet, just waiting for me to pick them up. That could never be you say? Well, you’re right, but only the part about the glass being English Multis. There is one beach that looks like it could be everyone’s idea of a perfect sea glass beach, that is a beach in Murano, Italy. Of course, Murano has a glass making history that dates back thousands of years and is still very active in glass making today.

This picture is one of a glass beach in Murano, Italy.

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