Cataloging Sea Glass & Sea Pottery Finds

When I first started collecting sea glass and sea pottery I didn’t do any type of sorting. Once I had cleaned it I threw all the glass into a zip lock bag. I didn’t even sort out by color. It didn’t matter to me. I was brand new to sea glassing and so totally enamored with it the only thing that mattered was picking up as much sea glass as I could (that’s a story for another blog). It wasn’t until I started to get serious about creating sea glass jewelry that I knew I had to take the time to sort my finds.

This is a beautiful pendant made from a piece of a Flow-Blue Pottery plate.

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Authentic Sea Glass vs. Tumbled Sea Glass

I wanted to write more about buying sea glass. Not because you shouldn’t do it, but because you should be cautious when you do it. Even if you’re buying a piece of jewelry, be aware that there are sellers who say they sell real sea glass when they don’t. And whether you’re buying jewelry or buying sea glass for jewelry making or crafting don’t think that you’re safe if you’re buying on sites like ebay or etsy, because you’re not.  Continue reading “Authentic Sea Glass vs. Tumbled Sea Glass”

Sea Glassing Wherever You Are – Harpers Ferry Historic Beach Glass Finds!

I was very lucky on this day to find about a half dozen pieces of glass, two pieces were embossed and I have been able to identify both of them. The first piece of glass clearly shows “S FERR” obviously Harpers Ferry.  From what I have found out,  this is from a bottle that was produced during the time Charles Smith was the owner of the bottling operation he named the Harpers Ferry Bottling Works, between 1916 – 1942.  The second piece clearly shows “COLA” in a very old script and also has a design on it. I was able to identify this as coming from a 1920’s Pepsi Cola Peanut Pinch Shaped Double Dot Bottle.

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Should You Buy Sea Glass or How I Became a Happier Sea-Glasser.

I remember when I started buying sea glass. Some people I know thought I was out of my mind. Why would you want to do that? What will it do to your profit margin?

Why would you want to do that? This is easy to answer. It’s because I wanted to start creating a higher quality of jewelry and the local sea glass I was finding just wasn’t cutting it.

This is beautiful sea glass from Seaham Beach, England, called End of Day glass or English Multi’s.

english multis colorful

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Where to Find Sea Glass?

“Where do you find sea glass?” is a question people often ask me.

If you’re lucky like I was, someone will show you a spot.  If I hadn’t been shown a sea glassing spot by someone who had been shown that spot by someone else, I might not be writing this post today.

I’ve learned that a beach that blessed you with a handful of sea glass on your first visit may not be as giving on your second visit. This can happen anywhere. Don’t ever give up on a spot. All it takes is a quick walk and you will know whether or not it’s worth staying or if it’s time to head to another spot. Perhaps another sea glasser beat you to it on that day.  Check back in a few days. Continue reading “Where to Find Sea Glass?”

Sea Glass Jewelry – Nature’s Art

My Sea Glass Journey

I have been collecting sea glass for almost two years now, but I feel like I’ve been doing it much longer.  It’s been a wonderful and unexpected learning experience for me.  I’ve learned a lot about sea glass in a short period of time.  Most of what I’ve learned I’ve learned from wading in the water and walking beaches along the east coast and the Caribbean collecting glass. I’ve learned from reading. I’ve learned from talking with others. I’ve learned by expanding my horizons and using sea glass from around the world in my jewelry.

This picture is of some of my sea glass jewelry creations using local Maryland sea glass, as well as sea glass from Hawaii, England and California!

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