How My Sea Glass Calling Helps a Local Animal Organization

I love creating with sea glass, but, of course you know that already. I am very glad that someone introduced me to it and I am very very lucky that I can enjoy time searching for it and creating with it. I am enjoying every aspect of this “hobby/business”.

I felt very strongly the best way to show my gratitude was to “pay it forward” and help others. That is why I decided to pick a charity to support with my jewelry. Because I am a cat lover, and because of the help they gave to me and my Mom, the charity I chose is No Kill Harford.

No Kill Harford uses TNR, Trap-Neuter-Release technique on feral cat colonies in Harford County, Maryland. If you haven’t heard of TNR, it is when feral cat’s are trapped, examined by the vet then spayed or neutered. After they are fully recovered they are returned to the colony. This is a very effective means to control the population of feral cats and is becoming more popular across the country and the world.

Along with their TNR program, No Kill Harford also helps to find homeless animals (cats, dogs, birds, etc.) new homes. They also help owners keep their pets in their homes by assisting with veterinary care, low cost spay/neuter programs and food.

It doesn’t take much to help, every bit helps. I support them by selling jewelry at craft fairs and donating jewelry to them to sell at their events. I LOVE creating the jewelry, and am so happy that I can help them in my own small way. I hope that you feel as lucky as I do and that you’ll consider finding a local charity you can support too.

Please visit this website to read about No Kill Harford –

Author: Cathy

Hi, my name is Cathy Kelly! When I was introduced to sea glass I didn't know that it would become such a passion for me. Whether it's walking on a beach or wading in a river searching for sea glass and pottery, creating jewelry and crafts, searching out the history of a piece of glass or pottery, or marketing and selling online and at craft fairs, I enjoy every aspect to it's fullest.

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