How My Sea Glass Calling Helps a Local Animal Organization

I love creating with sea glass, but, of course you know that already. I am very glad that someone introduced me to it and I am very very lucky that I can enjoy time searching for it and creating with it. I am enjoying every aspect of this “hobby/business”.

I felt very strongly the best way to show my gratitude was to “pay it forward” and help others. That is why I decided to pick a charity to support with my jewelry. Because I am a cat lover, and because of the help they gave to me and my Mom, the charity I chose is No Kill Harford.

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The Most Important Tool on my Sea Glass Jewelry Workbench

Someone asked me the other day what the most important tool on my workbench was.  I laughed and said “my brain” then I said “my hands”.  No she said, she meant an actual tool. That took a little bit of thought. I have many different tools, wire cutters,  many different types of pliers, curved, flat and round nose, a few pairs with plastic heads, several pair of crimpers, a bead reamer, as well as a few tools that I’m not even sure of the name of. Some I use many times a day, some not as often.

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My Craft Show “Catch-phrase”

According to Wikipedia a catchphrase (or catch-phrase) is “a phrase or expression recognized by its repeated utterance”. It seems that I have my own catchphrase now!  This one has to do with craft fairs, more specifically, getting ready for craft fairs. It’s a simple one and will probably be recognized by lots of my fellow crafters.  “One more day.”  That’s it. “One more day.”

This has been a very busy Fall craft fair season for me. I showed at two craft fairs on two consecutive Saturdays. I was VERY lucky to have great weather for both of these outdoor craft fairs.

good one

Just today, on the third Saturday,  I fulfilled a consignment for a local artisan shop with 14 pieces of jewelry and shipped a custom jewelry piece. Some of the consigned jewelry pieces are in the photo below.

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