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How To Drill Sea Glass

There are lots of great videos available that show you how to drill sea glass. But, as I quickly learned, NOTHING teaches you quite like experience, and we each find a way that is comfortable for us.

Of course the first thing you want to do is learn how to drill without breaking the sea glass or “blowing out” the back of the glass, and that takesĀ time and patience. Make sure when you start that you’re using crap glass because you’re going to have to learn how much pressure to apply, or should I say how much pressure NOT to apply to the drill. For me, and most others that is the hardest part. I have to admit that I “blew out” the back of lots of pieces of glass before I settled in. Continue reading

Fabulous Find While Sea Glassing – A Piece of “Art Glass”

If you are reading this post you’re a sea glass lover. So it’s only natural that you’d understand my excitement when I found this beautiful piece of art glass on a recent sea glassing adventure.

It wasn’t waiting for me like some pieces are, just lying on the sand on the beach or on the rocks waiting to be picked up, I was doing a little bit of digging when I found this.


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The Right Light for Creating Sea Glass Jewelry

When I was setting up my workbench, one of the most difficult and important decisions was lighting. For many months I had been using a regular table lamp with a 150 watt soft white bulb. It worked well, but I often felt my eyes growing tired. I knew I needed more direct light. Then we decided in order to accommodate my growing sea glass collection and all the “stuff” that goes with it, it was time to purchase a piece of furniture that would work as storage for all my goodies as well as a new TV. My “studio” is our family room and I have to admit things were getting out of hand.

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